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Cobra Industries was a Motorhome, Mini Motorhome, Fifth Wheel and Dodge, Ford and Chevy Van Conversion company that goes back to the 1970s. They were based out of Elkhart Indiana, a popular state for conversion companies. They had over 200 dealers from coast to coast, in Canada and in Europe. In the '90s they were based out of Goshen, Indiana. Cobra Industries filed for Chapter 11 protection Oct. 27 1995 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wilmington, Del. Advantage Enterprises marketed conversion vans under the Advantage, Cobra and Rockwood brands. Advantage acquired the rights to manufacture van conversions under the Cobra brand in 1993 from Cobra Industries.

Click here for some history behind Cobra Industries and the people that started the company.

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Below are Suburbans between 1973 and 1991 (7th Generation) with the Cobra Conversion Packages installed.

1990 Chevy Suburban Cobra Limited Edition Conversion


Link to where I found this 1990 Chevrolet Suburban Cobra Limited Edition Conversion here.

Description: 1990 cobra conversion limited edition. has 350tbi, has detroit locker rear and 4x4 works perfectly with manual front hubs. 700r4 transmission fully rebuilt 14k miles ago. The suburban we drove from FL to PA 6x a year over the past 12years with no problems on the highway. the suburban gets 20miles per gallon on the highway. The tires and brakes have only 2000 miles on them and are like brand new. The suburban has been stored in the garage/barn for the past 14 years. The a/c was converted to 134a and would need to have 2 cans of freon and will cool great. The suburban has cobra limited edition conversion with custom paint job. The interior is extremely comfortable with front and rear heat and a/c. Located in Johnsonburg Pennsalvania, for sale on Craigslist back on July 4, 2015 for $3500.



1990 GMC Suburban Cobra Limited Edition Conversion

Description: '90 GMC Suburban 2wd in nice condition. It is a Cobra conversion and one of the coolest I've seen. It has a very nice center console. This truck is showing its age but when you drive it it's hard to believe it just rolled 223k miles. Always kept in top shape. Original owner was an auto tech and he used it exclusively to pull his fishing boat in Kentucky. He owned it most of its life in a rust free zone. This truck was rust free until the second owner drove it in Peoria for two years straight. I'm the third owner and it saw only one winter with me. However it remains a remarkably solid truck. I have a large stack of records that go with including window sticker I think. It has a tbi 350 with Iron Eagle 007 vortec style heads and a towing cam with a custom chip. Runs on premium fuel only. You can get by with lower octane and some octane booster if need be. I did get a vortec 350 block machined and painted for it so the truck could have a roller cam motor but after a leak down and oil pressure inspection I decided to do the top end only at about 180k. You can have the new block and rods if the price is right. New ac Delco 700r4 transmission at 130k. Everything on the truck is either nice original or new/rebuilt. It does have rust but it is still repairable at this point. Fully loaded. Runs great drives nice! Could use a new power window motor for passenger side door and the rear ac was disconnected so long ago that it would need to be extensively cleaned before adding it back into the ac system. Ac heater and rear heat all work well. Paint is peeling in places. I do have all the info for the custom paint so restoring it shouldn't be a problem. Very nice interior. I have the original custom floor mats that have never been used. It has full fiberglass running boards painted to match. This truck turns heads and gets a lot of attention. Pulls trailers like a brute and still gets decent gas mileage. I'm a professional mechanic and I give it anything it needs. Mechanically very sound. Cosmetically needs help to survive around these salty parts. I just did new tires and will be putting on new front and rear brakes next weekend. Not cheap parts but the good stuff. It is my daily driver. This is a fine and loved truck. Saybrook IL, for sale on Craigslist back on Oct 9, 2017 for $4500.



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