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Based on several internet searches, Good Times Inc was a van conversion company that in the 70s and at some point perhaps earlier in their existence was a division of Ed Russell Industries in Arlington Texas. In the 80s, they were manufactured their vans through the Bentley Corporation out of Arlington Texas. From what I can tell they were also in Dallas. One of their slogans was "No one delivers the good times like Good Times." and "Share The Good Times". Looking at one of their more recent addresses on Google maps in 2016 shows a few automotive shops but it's a big building and they must have have been operating out of the whole place back in their busy years.

Here is a great article on a 1976 Dodge Streaker Good Times Van as a prime example of the quality and craftsmanship they put into their vehilces. A few packages offered (at least for vans) were the President Edition, Estate Edition and the Signature Edition (Suburban). According to them in 1982, Good Times offered more standard features and more options than any other van converter. I have found Good Times vans going back to 1971 but the earliest Suburban brought to my attention was 1989.


Good Times Inc. Miscellaneous Brochures and Literature (unknown years)


1982 Good Times Van Personalized Coaches Brochure


Below are Suburbans between 1973 and 1991 (8th Generation) with the Good Times Van Conversion Packages installed.

1989 Chevrolet Suburban Good Times Van Signature Edition

Trim: Silverado
Conversion Package: The Signature Edition
Engine: 350 V8 TBI
Drivetrain: 2WD, Automatic
Mileage: xx,xxxx miles
Owner: Sean E.




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