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I've been researching van conversion companies since 2015 and this is the first Regal conversion Suburban that I've come across in 2.5 years of searching. This one had the Diamond Executive package installed, which had custom power seats, oak accents as you would expect, aftermark stereo, oak overhead and lower console, cup holders, fiberglass running boards and of course custom paint. The first one I found was in Austin Texas so I'm going to venture out and say the company was probably in Texas. If you know anything about Regal Conversions, please email me!


Below are Chevy Suburbans between 1973 and 1991 (7th Generation) with Regal Conversion Packages installed.


1988 Suburban Regal Conversion Diamond Executive Edition

Description: Was found on Craiglist in Austin Texas. Asking price was $3200 on Oct 9, 2017



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