As part of the Gran Prix Package, Flexsteel drivers and passenger seats were installed. I believe the 2nd and 3rd row seats were recovered as well because the have the same pattern as the custom upholstery buttons. The Flexsteel company still exists today and manufacturers seats for Class A and Class C motorhomes as well as furniture for home and recreation. They have been making seats for motorhomes as far back as 1973 and possibly earlier. Flexsteel seats were used in 2059 GMC motorhomes in 1973. See this article.

11/28/2014 - A few pictures of the seats.. more to come.


Flexsteel's line of conversion van seats were called VanPaks and the earliest info I could find goes back to 1981.


V-Sales out of Indiana can apparently can still get a hold of these older Flexsteel van conversion seats. Not sure what year and brochure these photos came out of, however I would love to get my hands on the original brochures. Here were some of the Vanpak series seats:

Vanpak 58   450 DBSR / 5166-58 QS
Vanpak 68   492 DBSR / 5195-58 QS
Vanpak 72   509 DBSR / 5109-58 QS
Vanpak 73   538 DBSR / 5138-58 QS
Vanpak 74   539 DBSR / 5139-58 QS
Vanpak 75   535 DBSR / 5135-58 QS
Vanpak 77   541 DBSR / 5138-58 QS
Vanpak 78   529 DBSR / 5129-58 QS
Vanpak 79   572 DBSR / 5139-58 QS


Discount Van - Truck - SUV - RV out of California manufactures replacement truck seats, van, truck bench seats, center jump seats and a whole bunch of RV furniture and accessories.



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