The Gran Prix Package was offered by a company called Truk-Mate Vans Inc. (Address 820 Norway Drive E, Annandale, Minnesota). They did mostly van conversions but they also did a Suburbans conversions and even truck and minivan conversions. There is very little information about the Gran Prix Conversion Package on the Internet as the company no longer exists but what I did find indicates that Truck Mate announced the availability of the 20th anniversary edition of the Sterling Coach and Gran Prix van conversion models from TrukMate Vans Inc back in Jan 1993. This put the date back to 1973 as the beginning of their conversions. Other references I found show brochures for Gran Prix Van Conversions as late as 1999. If you have a Surburban Gran Prix or any other Gran Prix conversion, please email me!

1990 Drivers and Passenger Lower Door

1990 Right Rear Door

1990 Rear Side Glass

1990 Door Panels


This apparenty was the old location for Truk-Mate, probably where they produced the parts and pieces that got shipped to the local shops that installed the conversion package:

Truk-Mate no longer does van conversions and either sold or changed their name to Truck-Mate Toppers which deals mostly with Truck Canopies now and a few other truck accessories. Their web site is and they are located at 540 Elm Street, Annandale, Minnisota.


Chrome logo on the dash face and horn cap found on 1989 Conversions:


Here is some literature, brochures, references and other items I found referencing the Gran Prix Conversion:

Literature Notes
1996 Brochure. Front Side of original color sales sheet 11 x 8.5. AutoLit Part #r2747-ZMJX9J
"When you consider a Gran Prix Conversion, you have the choice of several distinctive packages to serve your life-style. Each package includes many special textures as well as dozens of unique options. Safety, styling and car like ride comfort are hand crafted into every Gran Prix van and multi use vehicle. For over 20 years, Truk Mate Vans has been converting vans and multi-use vehicles into LUXURY TRAVELING VEHICLES. These conversions are produced for your life-style by teams of craftsman who are proud of what they do. Their dedication is backed by a company with a tradition of satisfying some of the country's most discriminating van and truck owners. Many of our customers have owned several of the ultimate vehicle, a Gran Prix by Truk-Mate.
1996 Brochure. Back Side. Found on Ebay. Original color sales sheet m 11 x 8.5
The brochure came from the dealership Lupient Buick GMC in Rochester Minnisota. Web Site:
Found and bought on Ebay for $8.99. Came from a seller out of Tulsa, Oklahoma
Found on Ebay. The photo was too small to read the small print on the brochure so I'm not sure if it's the same Gran Prix.
Trademark Logo found on Looks like the trademark expired on 8/24/1992. Categorized under design and installation of interior and exterior furnishings in vans, trucks and commercial vehicles.
Found On Ebay. Gran Prix Riviera Conversion Van Sales Sheet Undated
Spokesman-Review Newspaper Ad from Spokane Washington Dated Saturday Oct 15, 1994.
Spokesman-Review Newspaper Ad from Spokane Washington Dated Thursday June 15, 1989.
Letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration dated Aug 18, 1992 listed Truk-Mate's product types and the conversion names for each of their packages for the 1993 model year.


In 1993 Truk-Mate had the following conversion packages



Here is a a few pics I took that morning I purchased my 1990 Suburban. Click to enlarge.


The Gran Prix Package installed on my Suburban was installed by Leroy's Custom Painting. Here is the Custom Paint Code decal with the install date of May 23, 1990. Also the Service Parts Identification label on glovebox.



1988 GMC Suburban Gran Prix High Sierra 4x4

After 4 years of looking for Gran Prix Suburbans, this is the first 1988 I came across which leads me to believe this is the first year the Gran Prix Package existed for Suburbans. Despite the rust, this is a sharp looking package. The height of the tv in the center console is rediculous, but very cool. Flexsteel leather seats, roof lights, aftermarket carpet, all signature Gran Prix.


Ad Description: 1988 GMC High Sierra Suburban 1500 with Grand Prix Conversion, 350 V-8, Auto, PW/PL, Tilt, Cruise, AM/FM/ Cass, Air conditioning front and back (needs a charge), 4 Leather Captains seats with 3rd row bench seat, TV with old VCR still works. Has 3/4 ton back leaf springs, has some rust but runs good, would make a great hunting vehicle. This Gran Prix Suburban was found on Craigslist on July 1, 2018 in Maple Lake, MN for $2200.



1989 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix? Conversion 4x4

I believe this is a Gran Prix edition, the oak console in this truck looks very similar to the console in mine and the seats look to be identical. It has a moon visor, looks to be a Lund, and the grill guard looks to bee the same as the one they used on a 1990. The truck looks to be repainted and I don't see any original decals or badging. I also believe this truck had a sunroof because the mood lighting switches are mounted on the console which is where they would have been located if there was a sunroof. I contacted the seller on craigslist, waiting on a response.

Link to where I found this 1989 Chevy Suburban 4x4 Possible Gran Prix Conversion here.

Description: 1989 Chevy suburban 5.7L 4x4 201000 miles, runs good and is reliable. Also 3rd row seating. Minor issues- has an exhaust leak, a little bit of rust by back tires but not real noticeable. I think starter is going out but not quite sure, still turns over though, will replace it myself if I still have it by then. Vehicle located in Redfield South Dakota. Seller is asking $3000 firm as of 3/14/2015.



1989 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4

Found this 89 Gran Prix Suburban on Craiglist, I had to say I was pretty excited to find it as it's the first one I found with the original paint scheme still intact. Based on the ad, it looks like the owner had tried to sell it previously but the buyer didn't show up, so it went back up for sale in March 2015 for $800!. Looks a litte rough but apparently runs like a top still looks original with the original paint of course and and interior. The owner said he would email me more photos.

Link to where I found this 1989 Chevy Suburban 4x4 Gran Prix Conversion here.

Description: Truck for sale in Sioux Falls, Ad was found 4/16/2015.



1989 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4 with T-Top Sunroofs

This is the 1989 I purchased from Gig Harbor Washington back in November 2015. Even though this truck at 230+ Miles on it, it was mechanically kept up by the previous owner who had it for 22 years. I purchased it as a keeper and began putting work into it to get it back to original condition. This is how it looked when I purchased it.


This is how it looked just before I sold it. I had a new radiator installed, new windshield, new drivers side quarter glass, new battery, and detailing. I restored the center oak console, made new lower door panels out of oak and cleaned the carpets. The truck was sold to a great guy named Mike two provinces over in May of 2016. Click here for 99 more photos.

Click here for 99 photos of this 1989 Grand Prix Suburban



1989 GMC Gran Prix Suburban 4x4 Lifted

Not much info on this Suburban, other than it was for sale on Craigslist in October of 2015. I emailed the seller on craigslist, waiting on a response.

Link to where I found this 1989 GMC Suburban 4x4 Gran Prix Conversion here.

Description: 1989 GMC lifted suburban, 35" tires, 350 motor, 4x4, automatic runs good. Seller is asking $$2300 OBO as of 10/14/2015.



1989 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4 with T-Top Sunroofs

This 1989 Gran Prix belongs to Daniel S. who lives in Kalispell Montana. His truck is beleived to have 42k original miles and is in excellent unrestored condition. It has the Gran Prix Package installed by LeRoys Customs and it appears they added custom paint to the center giving it a truely deluxe two tone paint job. It has had extensive mechanical work done to it and it runs like a top as well it has brand new tires. Flexsteel seats, t-top sunroofs, barn doors, tow package, rear AC and all the regular Gran Prix bells and whistles makes this truck very desireable. Daniel is the 3rd owner of the truck and unfortunately needs to sell it. If anyone is interested in it, email me and i will put you in contact with him. 6/2/2016




1989 GMC Suburban Gran Prix Conversion

Description: This GMC 4x4 Gran Prix was for sale in Black Forest Colorado for $1200. It has 153,237 miles on it, tow package, no brush guard, standard oak console and door panel trim. The paint scheme isn't quite as fancy as other Gran Prix's but it's still identifiable. Craiglist $1200 on Jun 13, 2017



1989 Chev Suburban Gran Prix Conversion

Description: None



1989 Chev Suburban Gran Prix Conversion

Description: Fourth owner, the truck is mechanically very solid, as $9000 of work was put into it since purchased in 2007. Most of the paper work from the second and third owners and all of my own records for your review. The first owner was a dealer. I would have no issue driving the thing across country tonight if I had to. If you want to spend about $800 on replacement sheet metal and have some time, you'll have a dependable work truck. I didn't get an estimate, but imagine $2000 of crude bodyshopping would get it legal, depending on your inspector. Or, just buy the thing for the drivetrain and parts...or use it on the farm. I had the tranny rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago by J&S Transmissions and is fine. The engine was replaced at about 180,000mi with a BF Goodrich crate engine. The engine runs great [350 with TBFI] and started up immediately last weekend when it was zero degrees out. It doesn't burn oil (it leaks a little though) and has good, uniform compression. The tires have about 10,000 miles on them and are nice $600 worth of rubber at this point. As you'll see from the pictures, it has four captain's chairs and interior "disco lights" from the conversion-van that was done after the factory. The first owner was a dealer in Montana, the second owner bought it from him and then their pastor used it on an Indian reservation there before moving to MN. I have the custom third-row seat, but the fabric is in awful shape as mice ate at it in storage. A person can put a (6)12ft 2x10 boards inside the truck AND close the doors. You'd have to remove the back seats (takes about 20mins with 8 bolts from underneath) to haul a 4x8 sheet in it. Found for sale on Craigslist for $1500 on Jan 23, 2018




1989 Chev Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4

Description: 89 Chevy suburban with a 6 inch lift, 350 motor, 700r4 tranny, like brand new 37 inch mud tires, new rancho shocks all around, runs drives good and has the Grand Prix interior. Found for sale on Craigslist in Kittitas WA for $4000 on May 17, 2018



1989 Chev Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4

Description: 1989 Suburban 1500. This was a party-barge in its day with one of those conversion-kits. It has a TBI 350SBC engine, 700R4 automatic, and a 208TC. This truck is a daily driver, it has a clean clear WA title. Found for sale on Craigslist in Walla Walla WA for $1500 on Feb 4, 2019



1990 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4 with T-Top Sunroofs

Found on Craigslist in Rockford Washington on April 16 2017 for $1100. Truck hit a deer and caused grill damage.



1990 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4

The owner of this Gran Prix contacted me back in April 2015 and was looking for more information about the Gran Prix conversion and what the truck was worth. I wasn't able to be of much help other than what little information I have on this web site. The Suburban was for sale at that time, if anyone is interested, I can pass on the contact information. What's interesting is the search light mounted on the roof, I have no idea if that came that way but I think it was added later based on how it comes into the truck so close to the courtesy lights. A few other things I noticed that is different that my Gran Prix is the lack of lights in the moon visor, but the addition of the air deflector above the rear barn doors and the Gran Prix horn cap on the steering wheel. The paint is obviously original and it appears that at least a few graphic schemes were offered as this one is different than mine. The location of the Leroy's Custom Painting decal is in a different location as well.




1990 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4

This is the first Gran Prix that I've seen in a blue color combination with grey interior. This one has the sunroof option, Gran Prix steering wheel and rear spoiler. It's lifted with 35s, has a rebuilt rear end. It has 175,000 miles on it and it's sad to see the paint faded. This was for sale in Echo, Oregon in November of 2015 for a "reasonable offer".




1990 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4

1990 Suburban 1500, rear air/heat, 3rd seat, rebuilt transmission/engine, a/c has been retrofitted to R 134, running boards ,new steering box, towing package. Interior in good shape, never smoked in. Found in Billings Montana on Craigslist for sale for $2200 on Jan 23, 2018.



1991 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Edition

This was Joseph's 1991 Gran Prix Suburban. According to Joseph, the conversion included all of the typical Gran Prix options except the paint was a solid custom color. While in his posession, he had the interior re-upholstered and it looks fantastic. A custom subwoofer box and upgraded speakers were added and upgraded surface mounted LED lights on the interior roof. Here are some photos of the truck before the interior was re-done.

Here are some photos after the interior restoration:


June 14 2020 Update. Found Joseph's truck on Craigslist up for sale. Sadly it's not in the same shape and looks to have been driven pretty hard.



1991 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4

Found this Blue 1991 Gran Prix in Seward Nebraska with 182,314 miles. It's a little rough, but complete and original. VIN 1GNEV16KXMF131890. This is the first blue one I've seen. With the bumper guards for 1991, they had to use a different bush guard up front, limiting the number of accessory lights from 4 to 2. Also notice there are no interior light options, and sadly no interior roof mood lights, definitely without the horizonal light strips, the headliner is now sagging as so many of them do. The paint scheme is very similar to the 1989 and 1990 but they had 3 vertically slanted stripes on the door instead of 1 big one. Not sure if the bucket seats are Flexsteel, there is no emblem on the arm rests however they may have come off on the pivoting portion of the arm rest.




1991 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Conversion 4x4

This 1991 Gran Prix was listed on Ebay on Oct 13, 2018. Looks like it's in pretty decent condition. It has a lot of factory options like roof rack, power mirrors, rear A/C and rear spoiler. With the Gran Prix package options were purchased like moon visor, sunroof, leather seats, and cell phone! You can still see the Leroy's Customs logo on the rear left door which indicates it's probably still all original paint as well it still has the key scratch protectors around the locks which are very hard to find by the way. 107,000 miles, 1GBEV16K8MF147454, 2nd owner, 40 gal tank, tow package, RC Fog lights, running boards, Rancho RS9000 with inboard pump, Gran Prix Customization includes mobile phone, wood panels, leather, sunroof and new Michelin tires.




1993 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Edition

The owner of this Gran Prix contacted me looking for a graphic of the Grand Prix logo so that he could add them back to his Suburban as the truck was repainted after an accident. I was able to help him out by working with a photograph of the logo from my Suburban. Here is the high resolution graphic if anyone is looking in both GIF, JPF and EPS formats.



1994 GMC Suburban Gran Prix Edition

This is Steve F's 1994 GMC Gran Prix. More information coming soon.



1996 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Edition.

This 1996 appears to be over in Europe somewhere.


Link to where I found this truck here.

Description: Chevrolet Suburban 4x4 GranPrix V8 5.7L GPL 1996.



1996 Chevrolet K3500 Dually Gran Prix Edition.

This K3500 Dually belongs to Quinn and this is the first K3500 I've seen. It's an extended cab 2 door 4x4 with the 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine. It has 198,000 miles on it as of June 2016. Quinn says it has the nicest Flexsteel seats in tan leather but has yet to figure out if the massaging feature works but he's getting to it. Original custom paint, bug deflector, and Gran Prix window decals, very cool!



1997 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Edition.

Another later model Suburban on craigslist.

Link to where I found this truck here.

Description: 97 Suburban LS, 219000, condition: good, 3rd row seat, RECENTLY REPLACED ITEMS ARE AS LISTED: A/C COMPRESSOR AND FRESH COOLANT, FRESH ANTIFREEZE, POWER STEERING PUMP, OIL PAN AND GASKET AND SEALS, BATTERY, BRAKES FRONT, WINDSHEILD, TIRES, WHEELS, PLUGS, OIL, This BURB has a GRAN PRIX package with all of the mood lighting, built in DVD and VCR players. 4 captains chairs 2 in front and 2 in the middle and it comes with the third row seat. Leather is in very good condition but not perfect. Nice aftermarket tunes. Nice rims on wide tires. Fresh tune up with new plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Fresh tranny fluid swap but not the converter. Rear differential seal replaced and new gear oil. fresh antifreeze flush. Nice paint and interior. runs awesome and 4X4 works great. Tow package with trailer brake controller. Newer $350 exhaust. Running boards and roof rack. Needs nothing and is ready to take to the east coast at the drop of a hat. No apologizes here on this BURB. Once again, not perfect but very nice. Should go many more miles with no major issues. LS 1500 clean carfax GRAND PRIX EDITION, New windshield and brakes. Shifts tight and smooth. Keyless remote entry. Location Kitsap, Seller is asking $6500 OBO as of 10/15/2015.



1999 Chevrolet Suburban Gran Prix Edition




1999 GMC Suburban Gran Prix Edition

This is Chase's 1999 GMC Gran Prix, who recently purchased the truck in Novemeber 2015. It has a sunroof, flexsteel seats, DVD players, heated bucket seats, dual exhaust and American Racing rims. Notice the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) decal on rear right. RVIA has been around since the 60s and started out in Indiana but is now located in Reston, Virginia. The RVIA is the national trade association representing nearly 300 manufacturers and component suppliers producing approximately 98 percent of all RVs manufactured in the United States.



The following are vans I found with the Gran Prix Conversion, I thought it was interesting to see what custom paint schemes, options and features came with the vans.

1995 Chevrolet Astro Van All Wheel Drive Gran Prix Conversion


Link to where I found this truck here.

Description: Extremely clean Chevy Astro Gran Prix conversion van with 12000 Miles These are in fact the true miles pictures say everything And no Rust a Clean title & a clean carfax With flex steel Limited lifetime warranty interior still has warranty tags on it & Owned by a Non-smoker The van interior comes out Easily for hauling as seen in pictures van is loaded dual AC & HEAT power Windows power door locks Cruise control Remote control AM/FM CD player with iPod capability Everything works On conversion Van as should Tires are in like new condition no dry rotted or whether check van is all-wheel-drive And not bad on gas Van has grease fittings on all staring components and you joints which is not offered on newer models this van had zibert rust proofing & undercoating done also was never driven in the wintertime was always kept In a heated garage this van is next to being like brand-new Without the brand-new price But remember you're not buying a brand-new van off of a car lot either this is the cleanest awd Astro conversion van out there A very rare find And one of a kind And did I mention it also has a trailer hitch.


I'm still searching for more information about the Gran Prix Conversion Package and the company that did them. If you have any information, please email me!

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