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When I searched for LED headlight options for my 1990 Suburban, I was quickly frustrated with the lack of information out there yet every LED headlight company seems to want to sell you 4" x 6" LED headlights for your 89-91 which are the wrong size for a direct fit. What I know is that the size of headlights that the 89-91 Suburbans and Blazers used is not very commom and so companies haven't made LED lights for them (yet).

I'm putting together a page that hopefully will cover all of the headlight options and installation instructions out there. I am no expert on headlights (at least not yet) so please don't ask for advice. This information will be info I have found across various web sites, youtube and suppliers. The inner and outer headlights are the same size (150mm x 92mm), but the inners are the highbeams (UF) and the outers are the regular low beam driving lights (LF).


Stock Headlight Dimensions

Stock Measurement inner and outer: 5.9" (150mm) Wide x 3.625" (92mm) High x 2-1/2" Deep (exluding connectors blades)

Note: 4" x 6" replacement headlights will not work with the stock suburban headlight retainer rings.


Replacement Stock Dual Halogen Headlights

Several companies including Sylvania, AC Delco, Phillips and others sell replacement sealed beams at most automotive stores. The headlights listed are for the 4 Headlight system for Silverado / SLE model, not the 2 headlight setup.

Manufacturer Model Power Low Beam Part# High Beam Part#
A/C Delco Standard   H4703 H4701
Philips Standard   H4703 H4701
Sylvania Standard 3100k H4703 H4701
Wagner Standard   H4703 H4701

LMC sells stock replacement inner and outer headlight assemblies, headlight retainers and hardware for 1989-91 Suburbans and Blazers. (Link to product on LMC web site). You can still purchase the headlights just about at any automotive store.



Custom Dual 150MM Halogen Headlights

These OE-quality headlights feature an aluminum die-cast housing with a protective finish coating, making the housing corrosion free. Maximum light output is produced by brighter light focused on the road for a greater distance.

The strong, semi-hardened, crystal clear glass lens does not diffuse the light like traditional headlight lenses. A high-efficiency white halogen 12V 60/55 watt replaceable bulb is included. DOT and SAE approved. You will need to buy the HD headlight harness with relays as well. (Link to product on LMC web site)

Installation for '89-'91 Suburban/K5 Blazer LMC Headlight and Wiring Upgrade Write Up with Pics (CK5 Forum)

Installation for '89-'91 Suburban/K5 Blazer LMC Headlight and Wiring Upgrade Write Up with Pics (Expedition Portal)



1987-1990 Chevy Celebrity Euro Headlight Conversion

This option requires a modification to the grill as well some fabrication and brackets. The celebrity headlights use a removeable right angle 9005 (high beam) and 9006 (low beam) bulb. The advantage is the selection of bulbs from different companies and brightless levels you can go with.

Click on the image below for a video on how one guy installed chevy celebrity headlights in a squarebody suburban.



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