I didn't have to do much investigating to find out the Suburban was sold at PFEIFLE CHEVROLET-BUICK INC. in Wishek, ND. The original dealership decal is still on the back of the left barn door. Also the original Dealership book with a Notary Public / Dealership Certificate of License Application was inside the glove box. Looks like the sale took place on May 27, 1990


One of the business cards was of Robert Pfeifle so I checked Pfeifle's web site to see if he was still there and sure enough he was listed on the web site. I emailed Robert to see if he still remembered selling the truck. He emailed me back later that night and I was happy to find out he totally remembered!

Here is what Mr. Pfeifle wrote me: "I think we sold it new to our snap on tool rep if I remember correctly. We always put the factory window sticker in the glove box when we sell the new vehicles so if it isn't there, a previous owner kept it. We only had a hand full of conversion suburbans as they were expensive back in the day as the new ones are today. That was probably $30k area. Did you buy it to drive it daily? There were several different conversion companies competing for the business of selling their unique paint etc in suburban and vans mostly. Also pickup trucks which we had some of those too. The only draw back was if they got scratched or wrecked, what do you do to attempt to match the paint scheme. Many of those companies went away over the years as demand went down and dealers like us did very many of our own customizing trucks with stripe decal packages and before complete decal packages were available I did a lot of designing and installing my own variations of pinstripe combinations not quite as elaborate as Leroy paint. It was vinyl decal striping, not paint. Then we would add the running boards, visors etc but not do anything in the interior. A lot of changes over the years. Now the big thing is conversion companies still do some paint, less stripes, interiors, but the big lift kits. We have ordered some of those and have done our own variations of that too.



Leroy's Custom Painting (now Leroy's Customs) out of Coon Rapids, MN was the shop that did the conversion back in 1990. I was happy to see that they were still operating! Their web site is I actually called them up a while back hoping to get some info on the conversion but didn't have much luck. I'll have to try again. A neat little touch was their logo stamped in the paint on the bottom of the rear quarter panel. With a paint job like this, they obviously took pride in their work.


Another piece of information Leroy's left with the Suburban was a decal on the inside of the glove box with the paint codes used.


Besides the two logos on the exterior and the glove box decal, there is no other markings or labels that I can find. The paint job and clear coat used is holding up remarkably well. According to their web site "Leroy's Customs has been the Midwest Leader since 1974 in Custom Auto, Truck paint, Vinyl graphics and Accessories.".


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