After purchasing a motorcycle off of craigslist in 2013 and being extremely happy with the entire experience, I often find myself cruising craiglist looking for deals and cool cars. A few pages in, I see an ad for titled RARE EDITION CLASSIC CHEVY SUBURBAN and decide to take a closer look. The pictures were very clear and the ad very descriptive. The rig looked super clean and I just love low mile mint classics.

At first, I was like, what Am I going to do with a big Suburban like that, but something had me keep coming back to this ad. I started to think about my wife and I getting more and more serious about getting a dog, a big dog, and well we needed something big to drive him around in right?.

With the Suburban really starting to grow on me, I started checking the Internet to see what else was out there in that price range, which I thought was a little high. I really couldn't find anything in the same condition plus the Grand Prix Package had me very curious. I searched for two days straight and found nothing about the Grand Prix package, except a brochure I found on Ebay, which led me to believe this truck was truely something rare. I'm still searching for more information about the Gran Prix Package and the company that did them. If you have any information, please email me!


I emailed the owner Les several times, and after fearing that it was about to sell from under me, I decided to pull the trigger. Les told me that he owned the truck for approx 4 years and it pretty much sat in the garage the whole time. He told me that when HE saw it for sale, he just had to have it. When I saw his ad on Craigslist, well, I just had to have it!

I had the money delivered to Les a few days later and then started the process of booking flights to fly down and pick it up to drive it back to Edmonton Alberta. Always loving a good road trip. my good friend Ilia and I flew down to Spokane, stayed the night at the Mireabeau Park Hotel and drove out to see Les the following morning.

Here is a a few pics I took that morning on Les's property with my iPhone. Click to enlarge.

September 28, 2014 10:30am



We stopped in at my employer Huntwood's main factory in Liberty Lake Washington for a quick visit and took a few pics outside the building. The sun was strong and unfortunately washed out most of the photos.

September 28, 2014 11:18am



While driving back the next day, we came across another Suburban with a 454 big block with a trailer attached. Both were for sale. As tempting as it was, had to move on and get home.

September 29, 2014 3:44pm



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