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This is a personal web site dedicated to my 1990 Suburban Gran Prix 4x4 and other 7th Generation Suburbans with conversion packages. Suburban conversions were typically done by van conversions companies and usually cost $6,000 to $13,000 on top of the purchase price. Indiana (where the Gran Prix was built) was the state with the most companies setting up shop with over 60 companies doing van and suburban conversions. Check out the Gran Prix Page. For a complete list of all the conversion companies I have found that did Suburbans click here or click on an image below. Enjoy!!

SUBURBAN CONVERSION COMPANIES for 7th Generation Suburbans

In my search to learn more about the Gran Prix Conversion from Truk-Mate, I have found many other van conversion companies that also converted Chevrolet and GMC Suburbans in the 80's and 90's. My research started in 2014 and I'm always adding new finds to this online collection. I believe I have the only web site dedicated to converted Suburbans. I have decided to focus on 7th Generation Suburbans only, which covers 1973-1991. All that I know about these conversion companies I have posted on this site so if you are looking for specific information, wiring schematics, production numbers etc, I probably won't be able to be of much help but as I come across this information, I will definitely post it on each specifc conversion company page. Plese note that pretty much all of the Suburban you find on this site came from classifed sites like Ebay, Craiglist and sometimes existing owners. Most of these Suburbans were for sale at one point when I found them but this site is not affiliated with these Suburbans or their owners in any way so please don't contact me asking me about them as I have no additional information.

American Van &
Truck Conversions



Choo Choo

Cobra Industries



Custom Craft Vans

Custom Trucks
of Texas


Ducks Unlimited

Fire Ambulance
and Police


Good Times

Gran Prix

High Caliber

Komfort Koach



Regency Vans

San Kar Vans


Starline Motorcoach

Texas Stagecoach


Trail Master

Trail Wagons

Travel Quest


U.S. Conversions

UCI Conversions

Ultra Limousine


Vacation Customs

The Van House

I'm always looking for more Suburban conversion companies, if you have information or would like to see your Suburban or a Suburban you've found online here, email me!


PHOTO GALLERY STOCK 7th Generation SUBURBANS 1973-1991

Below is a photo gallery of Suburbans mostly in stock form from 1973 to 1991. Almost all the Suburbans in the gallery were found on various web sites, mostly classified sites, and were likely for sale at one time, but please note that they are not for sale on my site for sale nor do I have any information on the status of each vehicle or have any contact information.

1973 Chev

1973 GMC

1974 Chev

1974 GMC

1975 Chev

1975 GMC

1976 Chev

1976 GMC

1977 Chev

1977 GMC

1978 Chev

1978 GMC

1979 Chev

1979 GMC

1980 Chev

1980 GMC

1981 Chev

1981 GMC

1982 Chev

1982 GMC

1983 Chev

1983 GMC

1984 Chev

1984 GMC

1985 Chev

1985 GMC

1986 Chev

1986 GMC

1987 Chev

1987 GMC

1988 Chev

1988 GMC

1989 Chev

1989 GMC

1990 Chev

1990 GMC

1991 Chev

1991 GMC
137 Different Suburbans in the Photo Gallery and growing. If you have one you would like to see in the gallery email me





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