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April 2015. The headlight and dimmer switch worked fine but the dimmer portion seemed a little sloppy in that it didn't have that nice friction it should so I thought for the price of a new replacement, I would replace it. I purchased the new switch from Napa. It was around $35.

To get at the switch, you have to remove the instrument panel bezel.


Once you get the instrument panel bezel removed, turn the large black washer counter clockwise to detach the switch from the dash.


There is a small metal button on the side of the switch, if you depress it, you can pull the knob straight out, there is no other way. You can reach up under the dash and feel around for it. I removed my instrument cluster because I was fixing something else at the same time but it's not necessary to remove it. The button you need to depress is on the left side of the switch, push it in and pull the knob out at the same time.


It's a bit of a tight space so hopefully your hands are not too big. You have to twist it a bit and pull it out to expose the wiring connector.


Once you get the switch out enough to see the connector, remove it, you may need to pry it off with a flat head screwdriver.


Here you can see the comparison between the old and new switch.


Reverse your steps to install the new switch and you're ready to go!


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