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I've been on the hunt for some OEM key scratch guards to replace the faded dried out originals on the front 2 doors. I thought these would be easy to pick up but with most new cars having remote entry, these guards are becoming extinct. The original ones on the truck have the Chevrolet logo on them so I'm hoping to find some OEMs that some one has stashed away in their basement and decided to put on EBay. The name of what these are varies from key hole or keyhole protectors, scratch protectors, lock scratch guards, door lock guards, door scratch protector, key scratch protectors, door lock scratch protectors, key guard protectors, paint protectors, clear guards and on and on. I finally purchased a few sets I waited a few months to find on Ebay, one solid back set and one clear.

Here are some examples of what I have found on the internet that are Chevrolet or at least 4x4 related. These have all come from Ebay. They typically measure 1-7/8" Wide x 3-1/4" High and have a peel and stick adhesive back.

3M Lock Guards 3M Lock Guards 3M Customline
3M Lock Guards 3M Lock Guards Chroma Door
Lock Guards


Here is what the original Chevrolet key scratch guard protectors look like that came on the Suburban. It ws pretty easy to remove once you get a corner started. The width on the originals was about 1/8" narrower than the replacements. The 3M product is 1-7/8" wide where as the original dealer ones were 1-3/4" wide. This is good as the new ones will cover over the trace edge left behind of the originals.


Clean the area from dirt and sand with mild soap and microfibre cloth, then use a adhesive removal to get rid of any residual adhesive.


I decided to go with the sold back protectors as I thought they would better resemble the originals. Found them on Ebay after a few month of waiting for the right ones to go up for sale. Ebay is the only place i've found these. You might get lucky and find some old stock in an automotive or maybe even an antique store.


Scuff, clean and begin painting. I used an engine enamel, GM black, which is more of a lower sheen black, I didn't think gloss would look good and would show scratches more.


Removing the paper, it came out pretty nice, I'm pretty sure the entire surface of the key lock was painted black from the factory in 1990, looking at multitude of photos, I see more of them black than silver.


Heat up the lock guard and the surface with a blow dryer on high heat and press into place.


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