This is a timeline of all the work I have done on the Suburban since purchase. It's in descending order by date. Click on the links below.

Work completed:

  1. Oak center console restoration - March 2015
  2. Instrument panel and cluster cleaning and bulb replacement - March 2015
  3. Troubleshooting the Speedometer - April 2015
  4. Replace Door Striker Bolts - April 2015
  5. Replace the Headlight/Dimmer Switch - April 2015
  6. Oak subwoofer box build - May 2015
  7. Powder Coating the Accessory Light Housing - May 2015
  8. Rear Speaker upgrade with Oak templates - May 2015
  9. Gran Prix Side and Rear Window Decal Replacement - May 2015
  10. Oil, Filter, Spark Plug Change at 101,159 Miles - Jun 2015
  11. Recharge the Air Conditioning - System took 4lbs! - Aug 2015
  12. Tire Cleaning and Letter Repainting - Sep 2015
  13. Oil Change at 101,783 Miles - Sep 16 2015
  14. Differential Oil Change at 101,783 Miles - Sep 16 2015
  15. Polishing the Exterior Glass at 103,000 Miles - March 6 2016
  16. Replace the door key scratch guards - extremely hard to find chevy versions - May 28 2016



Old vehicles are always a work in progress and this Suburban is no exception. Part of the joy of owning an old car is not only driving it, but working on and restoring it. With that comes research, usually through friends, service manuals and of course YouTube. Even though it's in nice shape, there are quite a few things I would like to eventually do. Here is just a few future projects that I will one day sooner or later accomplish in no particular order of importance or priority.

Work to be completed:

  1. Replace the moon visor lights - In progress
  2. Restore the black on the windshield wipers - basically just a respray with matching black
  3. Re-upholster the front seats - matching the original frabric will be a challenge
  4. Rebuild the differential - it has a bit of a whine, normal for the age and mileage. New crown and pinion, bearings etc.
  5. 3M fronts of fenders - stop the rock chips
  6. Replace the center caps - new chrome and decals
  7. Build an oak toolbox - custom oak toolbox for the back behind the wheel well would look cool
  8. Build custom license plate bracket - for the rear, to accomodate the trailer wiring connection
  9. Replace 4 headlights - new headlights and bulbs
  10. Secure the roof rack brackets - some of the clips are loose/broken and need to be replaced
  11. Replace all seat belts - freshen up all seat belts with new OEM, hard to find and expensive
  12. Replace hood insulation - it's original and needs to be replaced
  13. Fix drivers visor strap - it's original, stretched out and sagging



Just some research on various topics.

  1. Spot Free Car Wash Rinse Systems


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