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May 2015. It was actually my good friend Ilia's idea that we should build a sub box out of oak after I told him I bought an aftermarket box that was covered in black carpet. He convinced me that the Suburban deserved a proper matching oak box to go with the rest of the oak interior pieces, I totally agreed. If anything it was a good excuse to hang out with my bud in his shop, drink beer and work with some pretty cool Fes woodworking tools. This project tool several weekends to complete as out time was limited and some of our ideas changed each time we worked on it!

I purchased two raw white oak boards 1" thick by approx 6' long from Windsor Plywood, approx cost $80. Ilia's Volvo has more room than what I was driving that day so we used his car.


Ilia's shop is a killer shop to build just about anything, sure beats my garage!.


Time to get to work building this thing. Notice the FES tool biscuit joiner, what a tool. The specs on the sub called for 2 cubic feet of volume and we were pretty much bang on. The box is tuned to 35hz.



Box is built, ready for stain and clear coat. I used the Min Wax natural oil based stain (2 coats) and a Minxax oil based polyurethane (3 coats) with a light sand in between each coat.



Box came out beautiful, had to add the Gran Prix Logo to the side for the finishing touch. Now that's custom!


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