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March 2016. Looking closely at the exterior glass, I noticed small traces of minerals or hard water stains which seems to be embedded in the glass. I tried many household products from glass cleaners to CLR to Mother's Glass Polish to remove the stains, but nothing seemed to work. After visiting a local Auto Detailing store, I finally found the right product for the job. It's called Ceriglass by a company called CarPro and it was about $25 for the kit.

CeriGlass represents a cutting-edge solution to glass correction with a blend of Ceramic abrasives, Cerium Oxide, and Nanotechnology ingredients. Replacing the messy glass polishing powders of old, CeriGlass glass correction compound safely removes severe water spots and light scratches without surface distortion ensuring perfect clarity of vision and maximum driving safety. Can also be used on Plexiglass Metal, and Chrome.

Hard water is the result of dissolved or soluble mineral salts, particularly those of calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg), and sometimes iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn). Hard water contains minerals that end up as components of the wax/rinse droplets left on the car. As the water in the droplets evaporates, the minerals stay behind and cause white spots.

The kit comes with an applicator, 150ml of the product and a microfibre cloth. The stuff works amazingingly. You can do it by hand or with an orbital polisher but I decided to go at it manually with the applicator because of the smaller hard to get areas and I didn't want to waste a lot of product considering I had 12 pieces of glass to polish. I took two days to complete it all, a day per side basically.

Here is what comes in the kit:


The instructions say to 1. Clean the surface from dirt, oil and dust. 2. Shake well. 3. Pour on applicator or orbital polisher pad, polish the glass. 4. Rinse with water. So here's what the water spots looked like prior to polishing. It looks like these spots would be easy to remove but trust me, they are almost like they are etched into the glass.


You can quickly tell the difference after polishing and wiping the glass with a wet microfibre cloth. All of the contaminants are removed and the hazy appearance is all but gone.


Here are some final shots of the glass, which is more like a highly reflective mirror now. Extremely happy with the results.


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