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May 2015.

Went with the JL TR 6.5" speakers for the rear to replace to original 4" x 10" factory speakers. The grills from the 4x10 left an imprint into the fabric so I had to build a templates large enough to cover the footprint of the original speaker grills but not too tall that it looked rediculous. The TR 6.6" are an ok speaker, nothing fancy, about $140 for the set. I could have stuck with a replacement 4x10 but they just don't delivery the same sound quality as a round speaker does.

Of course the height of the original speaker hole had to be increase so a drill and a metal blade on the jig saw made short work of it. I used MDF as a mock up. I hate modifying from original and drilling or cutting into the metal but in this case, it will be completely hidden and by the time it's all done, no one would know this truck didn't come with a round speaker like this back there.


Used white oak as I did with the sub box, making each template from one solid piece. I rounded the tops to follow the profile on the speaker grill. I stained and cleared it the same as with the sub box. It looks like it was original equipment all along, you would think it came with the conversion package!


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