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If you've ever washed your vehicle in the sun or in very warm water, you can't always get the water off with your towel before it dries and leaves those nasty water spots on your paint. Here are some products that give you nice clean water that won't leaves spots in order of cheapest to the most expensive. Remember you get what you pay for.

Rain X Spot Free Rinse - $20 US


The Revolutionizer Spot Free Rinse System - $30 US


Mr Clean AutoDry Carwash System - $40 to $70 US


Clearinse Single Cartridge DI System "Spot Free" Rinse - $96 US


Magic Rinse - $129 US


HomeRight Ionic Clean Spot Free Rinser - $144 US


Spotless Water System - $250 to $450 US


PDH2O - $???? US


Clearinse Dual Cartridge DI System "Spot Free" Rinse - $299 US


Spot Free Water System - $489 US


Spot Free Car Rinse System - $697 US


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